Holly Picano uses Kickstarter to Fund Art Project

Kickstart This!

The artist seeks to prove or disprove the idea that a beginning artist can become a well-known sought-after artist within 18 months, given the theory that high end art is composed of the following 3 elements:

1. Social Value

2. Artistic Value

3. Measurable Price History

The artist will prove or disprove this by creating a collection as never been done before by using human bodies and various colors to symbolize world politics (this will bring the contemporary social value), this body of artwork will only be shown at the highest-end art gallery(ies) in the country, which will assist in preserving the artistic value of the collection. The price history will be measurable by what the artist’s works fetch currently, and what they will sell for a year from the date this campaign is funded, and so on. Showing a price history of what the artist’s collections go for currently, and what they will sell for once launched into the new world of high end collectors will show a handsome history.

This will be a sociological, as well as artistic experiment.

Risks and challenges

The challenge is to prove this idea and complete the project within 18 months. No matter what, Backers will receive what is promised to them.

Here’s the short link to the project to read more… http://kck.st/1HhPC9D



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