Celebrity Portrait

For 17 days I have posted a different celebrity portrait that I have painted and paired it with a photo of the celebrity. Today is my final celebrity portrait post, and I chose this piece I painted of Madonna. The photo on the left was taken from her “Like a Virgin” days, and the painting on the right is reminiscent of the “Ray of Light” period. Out of the hundreds of pieces that I have painted of celebrities throughout the years, I have painted more portraits of Madonna than any other celebrity.

I hope you enjoyed my posts during these last 17 days.


About the artist…
In her years of practice, Italian-American artist Holly Picano has explored beauty and desire through images of female faces. Studying Visual Communication from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Picano incorporates a commercial feel to her images of women. One of the artist’s most notable pieces is a red headed Ms. Behave, created for the Peachy Canyon Winery wine label. The recipient of an Artist Enhancement Grant from the State of Florida, Picano continues her commitment to the arts through her paintings of female faces.

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